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5 out of 5 stars based on 128 reviews.

Patient Testimonial by Joe B

The Dr. Is very professional and cares about his patients. I wouldn't go to any other dentist. He truly cares about his patients. I would definitely recommend to anyone needing a great dentist. Thanks doc.

- Joe B

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Patient Testimonial by Stephen S

The last visit was for a 6-month checkup and routine cleaning. Always a pleasant experience no matter what I have had done.

- Stephen S

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Patient Testimonial by Angela K

Top notch service from start to finish. I have severe anxiety about going to the dentist. Dr Schillinger and the staff at Innovation Dental have managed to make every visit an exceptional experience. I highly recommend their services. Dr Schillinger has perfected a technique for giving numbing shots that don’t hurt at all! I don’t know what he does but it’s like magic and has significantly reduced my stress about having a procedure that involves a needle. He is also very nice to look at! So if you’re looking for a great dentist who is the epitome of professionalism and also very handsome, Dr Schillinger is the guy!

- Angela K

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Patient Testimonial by Kim B

Love love love this Dental office. Had a new hygienist today, I was a bit concerned. However, Laura was every bit as gentle as Rusty used to be. Again, letting me know that my dentist's office is the BOMB.COM

- Kim B

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Patient Testimonial by Vernon R

Vernon and Barbara have been taken care of by Alex Schillinger, DDS for quite a few years (20 years or more) and we are both very happy with the service and care we have received.

- Vernon R

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Patient Testimonial by Jeff M

Dr Alex is super professional, and is the most able dental professional I have ever encountered. I feel confident that he and his team could address and help me with any dental needs I would ever want or need. I highly recommend Dr. Alex to anyone looking for an incredible dental professional to serve themselves or their families. Thank you to Dr Alex and your team!

- Jeff M

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Patient Testimonial by Marsha H

They are very good

- Marsha H

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Patient Testimonial by Terri B

My Dentist is better than your dentist, well unless yours is also Dr Schillinger at Innovation Dental! I was a patient at his prior office and due to life circumstances had not been in, in a LOT of years. Recently fractured a tooth and knew that the prior office had closed. I went to another dentist recommended by a loved one. That dentist referred me to another, who referred me to yet another, with all of them saying that I would need to be hospitalized for my dental work due to my allergies to the dental numbing agents used. Thankfully I wasn’t willing to accept that answer and set out to see if Dr Schillinger was still practicing anywhere at all within the local proximity and I am so very thankful that with some help I was able to locate him. To my great surprise and pleasure, he completely remembered me even though I hadn’t seen him in more than 10 years and he immediately asked where I’d gone. He got me in right away for a consultation and only a day or two after did the dental procedures I was needing. Said he was surprised that a cavity he’d mentioned in my prior visit had not gotten completely out of hand in that time frame (go figure I thought all that time that we had already filled it) and that he was surprised my plaque wasn’t significant. I had listened to his previous instructions pertaining to proper oral hygiene and flossing (albeit not regular dental cleanings) and learned from him. At any rate, I did not have to be hospitalized for my dental work and was completely confident going into the procedure, using IV sedation, that I was in the care of competent, compassionate, and skilled hands and I could not be more pleased or thankful with the results. Thank you Dr. Schillinger for not holding my failure to continue with regular visits against me. I promise to keep up with regular care from here on out but just know that you are never allowed to retire either. Lol

- Terri B

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Patient Testimonial by Anthony M

This office is amazing. I have never been able to say I want to go to the dentist before. The staff here is understanding and that is so hard to find . The office is friendly and inviting and the dentist, hygienists, and receptionists have a welcoming and understanding attitude. I spent a long time abusing my teeth( years without visits, smoking and bad brushing habit) and have gone through several offices trying to find one to help me fix my mistakes. After an extraction from a failed filling that trapped bacteria and ruined my tooth from another dentist they are on there way to fixing the rest of my issue's. They are helping me get my smile back with the welcoming personality that makes you come in to get better. If you are questioning your current dentist I highly recommend giving this office a shot you will not be disappointed. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done this far and what is left to be done.

- Anthony M

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Patient Testimonial by Sheri B

Absolutely wonderful, caring, professional… i can’t say enough great things about Dr Schillinger and the staff. I wouldn’t ever consider going anywhere else.

- Sheri B

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Patient Testimonial by Kendra G

This dentist is absolutely the best! He makes me feel at ease at every visit! If you have dental anxiety, then you need dr Schillinger. I he will do whatever is necessary to help with this issue, from laughter, medicine, sedation, to the words, it’s ok, we will make you comfortable. The staff is very friendly, compassionate, and accommodating. It took me many years to find the right dental office and I finally found innovation dental.

- Kendra G

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Patient Testimonial by Elvis M

Innovation dental Is a place to be or you wanna take your family and friends and your presence, opinion is always valued by staff members and without for getting Dr Alex and his team are the best.

- Elvis M

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Patient Testimonial by bob S

did a great job fixing my TOOF.!!!

- bob S

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Patient Testimonial by Gabi H

I have been a patient here for many years. Never had a bad experience. Brought my grandson here. Loves coming He is on the autism spectrum and has difficulty with social activities. Special group of individuals

- Gabi H

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Patient Testimonial by Steve S

I have been coming to Dr. Schillinger for several years after my previous dentist retired. I have always been very happy with the service provided

- Steve S

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Patient Testimonial by Ed

Dr Schillinger and staff go above and beyond to make there patient comfortable. During an exam Dr Schillinger even noticed a spot on my face that didnt look appropriate, he asked if I had it checked out, I hadn't, he suggested I get it checked out asap, I did and it was cancerous and had to be removed, even though that was not his area he cared enough to mention it to me. Dr Schillinger has my business!! Thanks Doc for a job well done! I would highly recommend Innovations Dental to anyone of any age!!!

- Ed

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Patient Testimonial by jeffrey b

if this review form would allow me leave more than five stars i absolutely would double that and more always always the best to myself and they treat my mom with the utmost of courtesy and respect. thank you all

- jeffrey b

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Patient Testimonial by Rita M

I can easily give a 5 star rating to Dr. Schillinger and his staff because they always provide me with excellent care. I am terrified of going to the dentist; however, I still go routinely to maintain my teeth. Dr. Schillinger and his staff go out to their way to make sure I'm comfortable and really take their time with me explaining every step before proceeding with my treatments. If anyone is looking for a new dentist I highly recommend Dr. Schillinger.

- Rita M

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Patient Testimonial by Terri B

Dr. Schillinger and his team are incredible! My experience with other dentists were not so good and I was extremely nervous. Dr. Schillinger and his team calmed my fears. Dr. Schillinger shows he truly cares. He listens, answers questions, offers/discusses options, and continues to support my oral health. Throughout the process Dr. Schillinger and each team member in their own area have shown amazing expertise, care, kindness, and support! The procedures have gone extremely well and I am overjoyed!

- Terri B

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Patient Testimonial by Cheryl H

Dr. S and staff are always pleasant and considerate of my comfort. Dr. S noticed every little body movement or twitch that might imply pain or discomfort, and takes action to resolve. I will remain a loyal patient as long as he remains in practice.

- Cheryl H

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