Full Arch Dental Implants


Have you experienced the devastating effects of losing your teeth? Do your dentures or partials slip and slide leaving you sore and making it difficult to speak or enjoy your favorite foods? Do you feel insecure about your teeth coming loose in public?

Our full arch implant bridge could be your solution. It also offers a simplified lasting solution for those whose teeth continue to fail them and are in constant need of repair. It can replace an entire row of upper and/or lower teeth. This kind of treatment restores our patient’s ability to eat what they want. They can finally have a set of teeth that are comfortable and complete. In addition to transforming one’s appearance, we have seen our patients undergo a life transformation as well. Dr. Schillinger can, in many cases, complete all phases of this treatment in his office. Our process is one that is unique. It is a proven method that incorporates a high level of professional care with exceptional technology and artistry to restore comfort and full dental function. The system we trust was created by TeethXpress. The full arch bridge is designed to not move when you speak or chew food. The bridge is supported by 4 to 6 implants and does not sit on your gums. These implants create secure, useful looking teeth that remain stable in your mouth with no need for removal.

These implants can also preserve your jawbone, reducing the appearance of premature aging. Partials and dentures do not provide the necessary stimulation bone needs to remain healthy. Denture and partial wearers will lose bone mass over periods of time and develop a more sunken facial contour that makes them appear older than they really are. The full arch implant bridge can restore your proper chewing ability, which can allow for a better diet and improved health. This procedure is minimally invasive and after the planning phase, can generally be completed in one dental visit. BioHorizons dental implants used exclusively for Teeth Xpress have a 99.2% success rate. It is truly a long-lasting solution.

Our full arch dental implant bridge solves a wide range of dental problems permanently, cost-effectively, and best of all, you will never be without teeth again. So, if you feel trapped in an endless cycle of treating the same teeth over and over again, or are frustrated with dentures or partials, solve your dental problems for good with our dental implant bridge.

Before TeethXpress:

TeethXpress before dental implants are placed

Securing the Denture

TeethXpress after dental implants are placed

Are You Missing Teeth? Consider Dental Implants!

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